With the Physical Exhibitions class at Sports Basement, San Francisco

March 9th, 2016 – Collaborative Combative Drawing at Sports Basement in San Francisco with Glen Helfand’s P.E. (Physical Exhibitions) class at the California College of the Arts

It was SUCH FUN!!! I loved learning self defense for one, but the act of pushing each other while also collaborating was awesome. I loved every piece that came out of this activity! A lot of times in society you aren’t exactly encouraged to get rough or go all the way, to really let out energy in such an extreme way. So this was really fun to let that energy out!! I think when you tell someone you are ready to go even further with a project or whatever and that YOU want them to push you, then that gets them more involved. I think people like the invitation to push people, and then the dynamic starts.

-Kaley Bales, animation student

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