Presenting at Cestemer15: Cultivating Ensembles in STEM Education and Research, Berkeley

June 11th, 2015 – Presenting at Cestemer15 conference: Cultivating Ensembles in STEM Education and Research, hosted by the Trust Center at UC Berkeley.


Conference Theme for 2015: Doing Science, Seeing Science, Being Science – created and organized by improvescience.

Program themes:

Inclusion: How do we create inclusive, diverse, open and collaborative communities of STEM practitioners?

Communication and Outreach: How do we talk to one another, people outside of our discipline, and those not in STEM careers?

Education and Professional Development: How do performance and STEsM affect learning content and developing professional identity?

Group Dynamics and Creativity: What interactions and social contexts foster innovation and collaboration, and how can we cultivate these?

Cross and Multidisciplinary Research: How does performance foster cross-disciplinary approaches and understanding across disciplinary boundaries?


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