Participatory Landscape at Incline Gallery (Part of Push/Pull)

January 28th, 2017- part of the Push / Pull show at Incline Gallery in San Francisco, CA

Title: Participatory Landscape
Medium: mixed media and public interaction

Participatory Landscape represents the merging and clashing of ideas at this particular time in our layered history of protests, both seen and unseen.

We aren’t starting from scratch.

The 30 foot long paper has layers of previous collaborative combative drawing actions, which have been painted over and mended several times. This layer consisting of a “landscape drawing” was created with help from the public at the opening reception of Push/Pull.

Part of the description is as follows.
“You (friend, colleague, stranger, gallery goer, passerby) are invited to help create a landscape by drawing a line from one end of the paper to the other with the provided drawing mediums. There is a challenge however, you must keep the drawing tool on the paper at all times and keep the line at the same height in relation to your body throughout the drawing – even when you run into another person going in the opposite direction. With people drawing in both directions at the same time, difficulties arise when bodies cross paths. Using your body and your determination, please keep drawing until you reach the end of the paper on the other side.”