Animal: Event at Southern Exposure, San Francisco

Combat Drawing_Torreya and Qilo desaturated

November 9th, 2012 – Animal: Collaborative Combative Drawing took place at Southern Exposure in San Francisco with 14 artists working on large paper and audience participation on smaller paper.

*Watch the video

Pairs of artists go head to head to push, pull, escape or outwit each other in order to complete a drawing of their personal power animals. I trained all participants in safe and effective techniques for combat drawing. This event resulted in exhilarating artistic collaborations.

Read more on the Southern Exposure Event Page

warm up in action



Torreya and Qilo getting dirty

Southern Exposure room shot

Southern exposure 1

Southern exposure2

See more photos of the event

Participating artists included:
Josh Hagler
Michael Koehle
Amanda Curreri
Sara Kerr
Tigre Bailando
Joe Edelman
Kenneth Lo
Michael Hall
Zina Al-Shukri
Justin Carl Hurty
Maja Ruznic
Erena Shimoda
Llewelynn Fletcher
Chris Collette
Torreya Cummings
Qilo Matzen
and many more

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